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Do you notice anything? Our Omega Z treadmill has a completely new frame design.

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HORIZON OMEGA Z 2020 – Revolutionary in function and design

Do you notice anything? Our HORIZON OMEGA Z 2020 treadmill has a completely new frame design. The forward-leaning bars simply offer more space for your sprints with compact dimensions. And with the innovative and effective Sprint 8 HIIT training program, you will definitely do this regularly in the future. Thanks to the extra-large running surface of 140 cm, you have a safe step on your treadmill even at high speeds.

HORIZON OMEGA Z 2020 – PulseTrain Technology

The PulseTrain program uses your heart rate in combination with the universal colour language to optimally support your training on our Omega Z treadmill. Whether you’re doing cardio, aerobics, or threshold training, the console constantly monitors your heart rate and changes colour on the LED display to indicate if you’re on target or should adjust the intensity. In this way, you can design your training the way you need it.

HORIZON OMEGA Z 2020 – Kinomap app

The Kinomap app turns training on your fitness machine into a motivating, interactive experience. The app provides videos for indoor cycles, cross trainers, ergometers, treadmills and rowing machines. Simply connect one of our compatible fitness devices to the Kinomap app via Bluetooth, choose a route and you can ride, run or row as if you were there yourself. You can track your progress on the map. Because the videos are geocoded, the app also adjusts the resistance (on select models) to the terrain profile of the training route.

HORIZON OMEGA Z 2020 – fitDisplay app

The free fitDisplay app from Horizon Fitness connects your smartphone or tablet to the Omega Z (or the Paragon X treadmill or GR7 indoor cycle ) via Bluetooth) and offers entertainment, motivation, workout tracking and more. With Virtual Active you drive or walk interactively through real landscapes around the world. Competitions and challenge programs open up a new social network and provide bonus points. There are a number of goal-based training programs in which fitDisplay saves personal settings and training data for optimal documentation of progress and success. After each training session, an individually designed curve diagram shows personal training parameters. With the free download of the fitDisplay app from the AppStore or Google Play, fascinating training worlds open up.

HORIZON OMEGA Z 2020 – Non-slip & more protection

We recommend our 100 x 200 cm underlay mat for our Omega Z treadmill. This is ideal for your treadmill to protect your floor from wear and tear, dents, scratches and sweat. In addition, the non-slip underlay mats ensure more stability during training.


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