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The new Madd Gear MGP Origin Shredder 2020 stunt scooter is ideal if you are ready to improve your skills in the park or on the street!
The VX series has always been the flagship model of trick scooters in the MGP Madd Gear range. Now comes the MGP Origins edition with upgrades.

It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning, intermediate or entering the level of pro scooter MGP Origin Shredder is a new project from Madd Gear that will meet everyone’s expectations.

The new MGP Origin Shredder series for 2020 has significant improvements like the new MGP deck with additional cutters (as in the extreme model) with the new stronger headtube. Each element of new Shredder has been selected specifically to enable the user to take their existing skills to the next level. The new MGP series is now 10% lighter than its predecessors. MGP once again ensures full uncompromising nature and the best in industry and durability.
Madd Gear is known for amazing color combinations that adorn scooters. The MGO Shredder series is no exception. It uses interesting color combinations that will definitely attract attention on the street.
A properly selected combination of wheels and bearings guarantees a smooth ride and trouble-free speed development, which makes the scooter also ideal for traveling around the city.

MGP Origin Shredder is saturated with nine generations of knowledge about testing technologies and products from the best raiders in the world in a specially adapted package. For raiders from 4 years and above


10 in stock