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It all starts here…

The textile industry is responsible for approximately 8% of overall worldwide carbon emissions.

Venturing off the beaten path by using materials and processes to reduce our impact is the starting point for our commitment to the environment.

The materials we use in 100% of our products

  • Organic materials
  • Recycled materials
  • Bio-sourced materials
  • Reused materials
  • Animal-based materials
  • PFC Free water repellent treatment

Did you know that the conventional way to make technical fabrics involves crude oil extraction?

However, other options do exist

The firsts involves recycling plastic bottles to make thread, which Picture has been doing since its start in 2008. However, bottles are still petroleum-based waste, and represent a less than satisfying option over the mid to long term.

The second is referred to as bio sourcing. In the case of a snow jacket, this means making a plant-based fabric: for example, from sugar cane or castor beans. Our short-term goal is to expand the use of bio-sourcing throughout our technical apparel collection. We will start this process for winter 2019/2020.

Bio-recycling solutions are emerging and we have started to conduct several initial tests. Our objective is twofold: offer a real product end-of-life and new product solution. The ultimate goal through recycling is to create a new polyester thread from used products and then make a new product.

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